Kirei Shoes 3p square heel slippery horizontal - Gray easy to wear easy to map. This is a sample of high-heeled sandals that cannot be included in the shoe closet of girls . High-heeled sandal youthful styling, modern and very dynamic. Products suitable for many ages. Suitable to bring when going to school, work, hanging out or walking around with friends. Moreover, the shoes are easy to coordinate and will create unique combos of women. Kirei high-heeled sandal is made of high quality leather, looks extremely durable and luxurious. The super soft and breathable sandal lining makes the feet comfortable when wearing shoes. The square heel design is solid, sturdy and has a suitable height so it is easy to walk. Make sure your every step is more flexible and seductive. With simple designs and delicate seams, Kirei high-heeled sandals bring femininity and elegance to women. Kirei Shoes 3p square heel slippery horizontal - Gray favored by girls for their fashion and convenience. If you are looking for a high-heeled sandal, please consider this sandal!

Product information:

  • Brand: Kirei.
  • Product type: Sandal high heel square.
  • Design: Youthful, modern and very active.
  • Material: High quality leather, extremely durable and luxurious look.
  • Heel type: 3 cm square heel.
  • Lining: Super smooth and dry.
  • Suitable sandal: Go to school, work, hang out or walk around with friends.
  • Size: 35 - 40.
  • Color: Gray.

Kirei sandals 3p - DNA Grey

Brand: Kirei





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